Discover Which Topsoil or Compost You Need This Spring with the Help of Duke Transport

As a premier supplier of stone, sand, and mulch in Bucks County, PA, and its surrounding areas, we here at Duke Transport also provide high-quality topsoil for all your gardening needs. Without a nutrient-dense topsoil or compost, your plants won’t be healthy. In addition, they won’t last as long or look as good as they should.

But, there’s also many different types. So, here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know to help you choose the right one for your property.

  • Topsoil – Naturally rich in nutrients, our topsoil is cultivated locally in the Montgomery County and Bucks County regions. You can get it either screened or coarse. Screened is more applicable for details like gardens and flowers. It is also ideal for filling holes. The coarse variety is better suited for large-scale ventures.
  • Soil Blends – Here at Duke Transport, we can custom blend screened soils to your liking. With many combinations, we can mix whichever ones you like to create a soil just for you.
  • 7-Year Aged Compost – To maintain its freshness, we turn it every two to four weeks. It is full of every nutrient needed to keep your lawn and garden growing strong.
  • 1-Year Aged Leaf Compost – This is the standard leaf compost. It is available as is or it can be mixed into a topsoil blend. This compost can be used to grow just about anything. It works well on lawns, gardens, or beds.
  • Mushroom Soil – This soil consists of fresh horse manure mixed with straw, lime, salt, and other organic materials. It comes as is or blended with a topsoil.
  • Fill Dirt – Fill dirt is generally used to fill in large holes and is not ideal to grow or nurture plant life. Three to eight inches of topsoil should be placed on top of fill dirt to grow grass and other plant life. We also have structural fill dirt available for building pads.

With a variety of choices, including specialized blends, we’re bound to have what your plants need to look beautiful and healthy. To have superior topsoil, compost, or stone delivered to your home in Quakertown, PA, or another area, call Duke Transport at 215-478-6700 or check out the rest of our website for more information.

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