Be Prepared with Bulk Salt for the Winter 2016-17 Season with Duke Transport

As a bulk salt supplier headquartered in Bucks County, PA, you can rest assured that we always make sure we are aware of the weather patterns, and what may be in store for any upcoming winter season. Therefore, this time around, we thought it would be great to share with you, our faithful customer (or potential customer), what you might be in store for this winter season as per NBC10’s 1st Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist, Mr. Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz.

What’s the weather looking like for the 2016-17 winter season?

According to Mr. Schwartz, there is a 10% chance that the Philadelphia area will see over 40 inches of snow. He also anticipates that we will most likely receive 30-35 inches and that there may be one Nor’easter that drops more than 10 inches. A few of his other predictions include:

  • February being the snowiest month.
  • March having the least snow.
  • A temperature forecast of a couple of mild periods of 2+ weeks with above normal temperatures.

Remember, Mother Nature Can Always Change Her Mind.

There is no doubt about it, Mother Nature is unpredictable and not every meteorologist is going to be 100% correct. However, it’s always better to be prepared than not be prepared, and if there is one thing you can take away from Mr. Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz’s 2016-17 winter forecast, it’s that there will be snow.

Get in Touch with Duke Transport Now to Make Sure You Have Bulk Salt

Here at Duke Transport, it’s never too early or late to place your bulk salt order with us (unless it’s already snowing!) In fact, as just a recap from our last blog “It’s Never Too Early to Order Salt From Duke Transport,” following are a few (of the many) products we currently have available:

  • Bulk salt
  • Magic Salt® (treated rock salt that works unbelievably fast at lower temps)
  • Calcium Chloride Pellet premier ice and snow melter
  • Magnesium Chloride premium natural ice melter

You Can Always Count on Duke Transport to Deliver You Quality Salt When It’s the Coldest!

When searching for salt suppliers that serve Philadelphia or any other surrounding area, look no further than us here at Duke Transport. Even though we are based out of Bucks County, we have no issue driving to your commercial property in Chester or Delaware County, PA, or even in New Jersey. To learn more about the areas that we can deliver products to, or the types of bulk salts, treated salts, and ice melters we offer, please feel free to give us a call, or head on over to our Contact page, and fill out a form.

It’s Never Too Early to Order Salt from Duke Transport

Now that we are more than a month into the fall 2016 season, it’s the ideal time for you to ensure you’re prepared to handle Old Man Winter, and especially the storms he brings. In fact, as a leading bulk salt supplier in Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, and other areas in PA and NJ, we would like to let all commercial property and business owners know that it’s never too early for you to call us and acquire the salt and ice melters you need.

Trust us, we’ve been working as a bulk salt supplier in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities for over 20 years, and have had many customers call us in the middle of the winter season, or just before a winter snowstorm, to order salt and ice/snow melters. Therefore, if you think you will need salt this season, it’s better to order sooner rather than later so you can guarantee you’re prepared to keep your property, any roads, pedestrians, and drivers safe when a storm hits.

What types of salts and ice melters will you find at Duke Transport?

The best, and, of course, the best salts and ice melters you will find at prices you can always afford!

Plus, if you prefer to use environmentally-friendly products, you will be pleased to know that we offer Magic Salt®, a treated rock salt that works faster and at a lower temperature (as low as 0°F) whereas other salts typically work at 20°F. As an eco-friendly product, it’s also safe to use around people. Lastly, it’s not corrosive so it won’t it will not corrode any equipment.

Two other great products we offer are a Calcium Chloride Pellet premier ice and snow melter, and a Magnesium Chloride premium natural ice melter. The Calcium Chloride Pellet product offers dual action moisture absorption and heat absorption for rapid melting and is perfectly safe to use on sidewalks, driveways, and the environment when it’s used correctly. The Magnesium Chloride ice melter is safe for pets, vegetation, and people when it’s used as directed, and can even melt ice down in temperatures as low as -15°F or -26°C. These products are not available from us in individual bags, but can be delivered in bulk on a tractor-trailer.

Have any more questions about our salt?

Call us here at Duke Transport and our experts will be glad to answer them!

Plus, if you place an order with us on or before Friday, December 2, 2016, you can get 5% off your order.